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Thinking of Adopting? Wonder what’s involved? Want to hear from Adopters?

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Sinead and John are married and in their early forties. They had no children of their own but were friends with a couple who had adopted two little sisters from Family Care Adoption Services. Here are John and Sinead’s views of the assessment process and meeting their new son.



“The assessment process was thorough but went much quicker than we expected.   The Family Care Social Worker was very supportive and explained each stage clearly so we understood why each question was being asked.”


“Waiting time always feels long regardless of how long it actually is, but we were delighted to be approached about a possible match within weeks of being approved by the Adoption panel.”




“Waiting to meet our new child was difficult, but we used the time to get as practically and emotionally prepared as possible for introductions and the placement. Again Family Care staff kept us well informed and updated us on the progress of the matching process, and within four months of first hearing about a the possibility of a  placement,  our son aged 5 came to live with us.”


“There were challenges for all of us and it was a huge change when our son came to live with us; for him it was a new family and a new school, and for us it was becoming new parents.  We have to say that we are absolutely delighted with our son. He is funny and chatty and outgoing, and every day we learn something new about each other.”


Family Care


“When we approached Family Care about adoption we were allocated a Social Worker who stayed with us throughout the whole process. We have been able to build up a strong relationship with him, which means that we know we can ask for help at any time if we need it.


Because our Social Worker knew us so well, he had a very clear picture of us as people and as potential parents. This meant that our match has been just what we wanted and that our little boy was perfect for us”.


This is Sinead and John’s message to you:

“Adopting through Family Care has totally changed our lives, and we have found them so supportive and professional. They really want to make sure that they find the right match for each child and for their Adopters, because they know that this is what will make a successful adoptive placement”.


Adoption can transform your life too, and we would highly recommend you choose Family Care Adoption Services to adopt a child with”.