Our Services

Prospective Adopters

We are always waiting to hear from people who are interested in adoption, and have a team of dedicated Social Workers who are here to answer your questions, and support you through the adoption process.



Who are our adoptive parents? They are people like you!


 Like our children, adopters come from all sorts of backgrounds



You could be:

  • A couple in a committed relationship
  • A single person
  • From any religious denomination
  • From any racial or cultural background
  • Wishing to be a first time parent
  • An experienced parent whose children are past the nursery school stage


Who are our children?

  • Some are babies and very young children
  • Some children are older and have started school
  • Some have a brother or a sister and need to live together
  • They all need love and attention of a committed family
  • They need parents who are fit and healthy and full of life