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Post Adoption Support

Parenting an adopted child brings the same joys and challenges as parenting a birth child, but on occasions there might be some extra issues. Sometimes talking to a Social Worker who knows about adoption can help.



  • You may want help with telling your child about adoption or about birth family
  • You may want additional information about your child’s birth family
  • You may be concerned about your child’s behaviour or education
  • You may need reassurance or advice
  • If we placed your child with you into adoption we might be able to help


Children and Young People

  • You may wonder why you were adopted
  • You might have questions about your birth family
  • You might have questions about contact
  • You might want to talk to someone who is not in your family
  • If we placed you with your new family we might be able to help


Post Adoption Support Information


If you would like to know about our Post Adoption Services, we have the following range of leaflets for your information:


If you would like to talk to us about the support and advice which we can provide, please get in touch by phone or email.