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Life Story Project (Your Life, Your Story)


What is the Life Story Project?

The Life Story Project was initially funded by the Big Lottery Project for five years- April 2013 and March 2018. We are delighted to have been granted a one year extension to this funding and will now be operational until March 2019.

The project works with Children and Young People aged 8-20 who are in Care, Post Care or who have been Adopted , and who have had questions about their lives and experiences, in the past and in the present.  The project works to help the child/young person to fill in the gaps in their personal history and to talk about their memories, both positive and negative.

The Life Story Project aims for those young people:

  • To provide the child/young person with relevant information about their birth family
  • To support the child/young person to understand their past experiences
  • To empower carers/adoptive parents to use the Life Story book
  • To facilitate opportunities for the child/young person to build on their self-esteem
  • To help the child/young person make sense of their identity

The Life Story work provides each child with information about his/her past and helps him/her to understand this information through:

  • Creative play
  • Specially designed activity sheets
  • Visits to significant locations
  • Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Digital media

The Life Story worker completes a ‘story’ from the information gathered during the work, and produces a record of the work in a format chosen by the child/young person such as a book, DVD or digital Life Story.

Current Situation

The Life Story project has accepted  referrals from children and young people from across Northern Ireland who have been referred by their local Looked After Children’s Services, Adoption Teams, Voluntary Agencies, and  who have referred themselves.

As the Life Story Project is still holding significant Waiting Lists in many areas, the Project is now closed to new referrals

The Project intends to complete work with those children and young people already waiting for  a service, and we are hopeful that the Project can be re-funded following completion of the current phase

Address:  Life Story Project, c/o Family Care Adoption Services,

97 Malone Avenue, Belfast,  County Antrim, BT9 6EQ