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Concurrent Caring – Home on Time


Family Care Adoption Services is working with the five Trusts in Northern Ireland to recruit families for children as part of the Home on Time scheme.

This is a new Concurrent Planning Programme where babies and young children are placed with Carers on a fostering basis while intensive work is carried out by Trust social workers with the birth parents over an agreed period, to consider whether or not the child can return home. Where the outcome of this work is that it is not possible for the baby or young child to be reunited with birth family, the carers will be able to adopt the child.

This allows early decisions to be made for the baby or young child, giving him/her the chance to settle in a new family placement if a return home is not possible, and avoiding having to move in the care system. The Carers will be supported throughout the process by their Family Care Adoption Services Social Worker .



Family Care Adoption Services already has experience and expertise in Concurrent Planning, as we successfully established and worked the Unite Concurrent Planning Scheme between 2010 – 2015. We we are currently seeking applications from anyone who would be interested in becoming a Concurrent Carer for the Home on Time programme, and we would be very happy to share our experience of how Concurrent Planning works with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about Concurrent Caring, or if you think that tbhis is a programme that you may be intersted in .


Family Care Adoption Services, Derry Telephone: 028 71 368592.

Family Care Adoption Services, Belfast Telephone: 028 90 691133




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