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Birth Families


Birth Parents

If you are a birth parent whose child is adopted and would like to discuss this time in your life, Family Care Adoption Services offers a sympathetic counselling and support service.

We can assist you in updating information for your child.

In some cases we can offer a tracing and reunion service to birth parents who wish to make contact with their adopted adult child.


Other relatives

If you are the birth relative of an adopted adult, Family Care Adoption Services will offer you advice and support you. Contact us.


Next Step Birth Family Support and Counselling Service

Adoption Routes, a Voluntary Adoption Agency, and Family Care Adoption Services jointly provide the Next Step service to other family members of the child including siblings of the child and parents of children for whom adoption is the plan. A service is also offered to some family members of the child.


If you would like to know more about our Services to Birth Families and to Adopted Adults we have the following leaflets for your information: