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Adopted Adults


If you are an Adopted Adult aged at least 18 years, you have the legal right to access information about yourself before you were adopted. This includes your name at birth, your place of birth, the name of your birth mother, and access to you original Birth Certificate. You can also find out which Court granted your Adoption Order and when this took place.


If you wish to search for additional information or are thinking of starting a search for your Birth family, we can help you.


If you were Fostered or Raised in Care as a child, you might find it more difficult to find out about your early life. We understand that you might have the same wish to have additional information or want to know about your own history as an Adopted person, and our Social Workers will also try to assist you in finding records and information.


If you are thinking about starting a search for your original family, we may be able to help you.

Post adoption services


Family Care Adoption Services offers a comprehensive Post Adoption Service to Adopted and Fostered Adults, and to Adults who were Raised in  Care . If we hold any records about you or about your Adoption, we will be able to provide Background Information on your Birth Family, and additional advice, counselling and support.


We can also offer a search and reunion service if you decide that you would like to make contact with your birth family.


If we do not hold your records we will help you to find the right Agency, and direct you to where you can get help


If you would like to know more about our Services to Adults who have been Adopted, Fostered or Raised in Care, or to Birth Family Members, please



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