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Friday, December 5th, 2014

The Family Care Society is the legacy organisation of a number of organisations which in the past made an immense contribution to adoption services in NI. These include the Northern Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Family Care Society, the Sisters of Nazareth Adoption Agency, Derry and the Down and Connor Family Welfare Adoption Society.


We wish to place on the public record our acknowledgement and appreciation of this work.   We have always built on the good work of others who went before us and will continue to do so.


The Family Care Society is no longer a Catholic Agency.  We are receiving and processing applications in accordance with the new and wider interpretation of adoption law established by the recent High Court decision.


We have provided adoption assessment, placement and support services to children and families from all sections in our community for many years, and will continue to do so.


Providing vital adoption and support services needed by children and families has always been our focus and will remain so.


We look forward to continuing a dialogue with the Northern Bishops over the coming months about the decision they have found it necessary to take; support from the Bishops has greatly assisted FCS in the past, particularly in providing services to adults who were adopted, fostered or raised in a Catholic children’s home.  Any funds they make available will continue to be used only for purposes consistent with the Church’s doctrine and ethos.




Dr. Des Brown, Chair, Family Care Society Management Committee

Sally Magee, Vice Chair, Family Care Society Management Committee



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