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Its National LGBT+ Adoption Week!!

Friday, March 1st, 2019

National LGBT+ Adoption Week


National LGBT+ Adoption week begins on 4th March 2019 and we would like to invite you to take this opportunity to think about  the many children who are waiting….For new parents…For a loving home…For their forever family…Maybe they are waiting for you?


Mark and Daniel were recently approved to adopt with Family Care, and this is their story:


‘As we all know Google is a wonderful tool and it was a quick Google search that lead us to Family Care Adoption Services. After reading the phrase,


“When you contact us you will receive a warmpositivespeedy and professional response to your enquiry”


We were reassured and filled with the confidence and courage to make that first call…and we were not disappointed.


From that initial contact to where we are today on our adoption journey those four words are exactly how we would describe our experience with Family Care Adoption Services.


As a same-sex couple in Northern Ireland there was a worry in the back of our minds that we would be treated differently or not as equally as a heterosexual couple embarking on the same journey. However, right from the outset we were treated with respect, dignity and warmth. We built a fantastic professional relationship with our social worker and felt totally at ease in allowing her to step into our lives and know the in-depth details of our relationship and home life.


Specifically in relation to being a same-sex couple we explored our reasons for choosing adoption rather than surrogacy and the challenges a child would face having two dads.


We always felt supported by our social worker and she encouraged and challenged us to expand our knowledge through reading and attending courses. She also encouraged us to get out there to meet other adopters and expand our support network and engage with other same-sex couples who had been through the process. Prior to this we didn’t know any and this is the best thing that we did and we would highly recommend any other same-sex couples to do the same.


From our personal experience we can honestly say that we enjoyed the assessment process with Family Care Adoption Services and working with our social worker. It was definitely not as invasive as we thought it would be although it is a very thorough and rigorous process and no stone is left unturned.


We would say be prepared to do your ‘homework’, read lots of books and articles, join adoption UK for their newsletters and attend their fantastic courses and most of all be prepared to be totally open and honest.


We are delighted to say that as of November 2018 we became the first same-sex couple to be approved through Family Care Adoption Services. For any same-sex couple thinking of embarking on this journey we would have no hesitation in recommending them’.


If you are thinking about Adoption, take the first step….CONTACT US!


on    Belfast                   028 90 69 11 33


Or    Derry                    028 71 36 85 92


We look forward to hearing from you.